How do I set me emails to send at a later date/time?
Confidential CC allows you to schedule your emails to deliver at a future date and time. Make sure that your recipient gets the email when you want them to get it without having to re-open your email. Trust that it got delivered at the optimum time. Simply select the clock icon at the top of your email draft and decide when you would like your email to be automatically delivered.

How do I adjust the font size and color within my email?
When you are writing a new email, click the ‘format’ button near the top left corner of your screen.

How do I attach a file? Can I send multiple attachments?
When you are writing a new email, click the paper clip icon to attach various types of files. You can send multiple attachments.

Can I send an email as an attachment?
Yes, you can send multiple emails as attachments.

Does Confidential CC integrate with where my files are stored? 
Confidential CC does not currently have these integrations but they’re on our product roadmap. In the meantime, you can access all your attachments in an organized file repository within the Confidential CC app. From your email menu click the ‘attachments' folder to peruse your documents and add them to new or existing emails.

How do I cancel an accidentally sent email? Can I set my cancel “send” window for a shorter or longer period of time?
If you accidentally hit send, you are able to cancel the sending of your message within the first five seconds, which is surprisingly long when you’ve hit send by accident. Over time we will make that time adjustable for users.

What is the shaking search feature and can it turn on by itself while in my pocket?
Confidential CC’s search functionality comes into play when you are looking for a particular word or phrase in an individual email. When you have the email open, simply shake your phone to reveal a search bar. Type in the word or phrase, and it will bring you to it. It can only be turned on if you have left your phone on an open email.

Confidential CC crashed, what should I do?
We hate when this happens and are doing all we can to prevent the app from crashing. When it does crash, you can send an email to and we will investigate the problem.

How do I use smart search?
Tap the Search Bar at the top of your inbox to activate Smart Search. Easily find your messages, files and contacts with an advanced search feature. This feature allows you to search by sender, keywords, subject line and precise date.

How do I manage emails: Move, flag, delete, mark as unread, or print?
In your quick actions menu, choose the plus “+” button and you will see all of these options.

How do I delete an individual email address from the Confidential CC app?
In your account settings, tap the trash icon on the individual email address to delete the email account.

How can I rearrange the order of accounts on the main screen?
You can easily rearrange the order of your email accounts on the main screen by pressing down on your desired mailbox icon, then dragging and dropping it into your preferred location.

How do I change the image icon associated with each account?
You can manage the image associated with each account directly via your email provider. For example, if you are connected through gmail, you will have to change the image associate with your profile on your gmail webmail account. Once you have selected your desired image, you will need to disconnect then reconnect that account to Confidential CC in order to see the changes.

You can easily change the image associated with each account by visiting your Account Settings and clicking “Add Photo”

Does Confidential CC support folder views?
Yes. You can easily maneuver between your inbox and all of your unread messages by tapping the ‘Unread’ icon at the top of your screen.

Can I remind myself to follow-up on an email in my inbox?
Yes, absolutely. We know it’s not always the right time to send an email, and messages often get long forgotten at the bottom of your drafts folder. Confidential CC offers a Read Later feature, which allows you to snooze emails. Set a later time and date to read your messages. They will be moved from your inbox and be automatically returned when you are ready. Simply select the message(s) you would like to read later and tap on the clock icon at the bottom of your screen. You can decide when you would like the message(s) to reappear in your inbox.

Can I schedule an email to be sent at a later time or date?
Yes, just as you would set a later time or date to read your message, you can also control when a message leaves your sent box. To enable Send Later, simply tap the clock icon at the top right corner of your screen when you are done composing your message. Decide when you want your email sent and we will automatically send it. Now you can avoid forgetting unsent emails in your Drafts folder.

How can I mark multiple messages as read/unread?
Confidential CC makes marking multiple messages as read/unread a breeze. The right hand side of your inbox acts as a quick scroll hot zone. Simply use your finger to scroll down along the right side of your inbox and your messages will instantly be marked as read/unread depending on their current status.

Can I save a draft in Confidential CC?
Yes you can multitask while using Confidential CC by minimizing your draft messages. Simply drag and drop the email to the bottom right corner of your screen and return to your message when you are ready. You can apply this effect to multiple drafts and easily manage them all in your ‘Drafts’ folder or discard them to the trash.