What is a Ccc email?
A Ccc email is a self-destructing email sent via the Ccc field or in Ccc Mode. These emails can only be read once, are protected against screenshots and cannot be forwarded or printed. All Ccc emails are end-to-end encrypted and come with an extra layer of security using Touch ID, when present.

What is the difference between the Ccc Field and Ccc Mode?
In the Ccc field, only the person Ccc’ed receives the email that self-destructs upon closing. The recipients in the other fields can keep the email as it acts as a regular email. When a person is Ccc’ed with others in the ‘to’ and/or ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ field, they can see the other recipients of the email but the other recipients can’t see them.                                                                                      
In Ccc Mode, every recipient of the email receives a confidential email that can only opened once and, depending on the length of the message, only read in part on their screen. The recipients can reply, but cannot add anyone to the response. They can however, remove recipients from the response.            

How are Ccc messages protected from screenshots?
Screenshot protection is offered in a dual-layered approach:
The sender, recipient, subject line and message never appear on the same screen. Furthermore, the message is blurred and only comes into focus when your finger is touching the device.
If you attempt to take a screenshot, the Ccc message will immediately self-destruct and the recipient will be notified right away.

What happens when I send a Ccc message to someone that doesn’t have the app?
Currently, recipients need to be connected to Confidential CC in order to read your Ccc message. If they are not, they will receive a notification email urging them to download the app in order to view your message. However, any recipient on any device can read regular emails sent via the Confidential CC app. Our team is hard at work developing a feature that will allow recipients to view a preview of your Ccc message even if they don’t have the app installed on their device.

Your recipient does not need to have Confidential CC installed on their device in order to read your Ccc message. They will receive a notification email that will allow them to view a one-time preview of your message in their browser. As with all Ccc messages, it is protected against screenshots, can only be viewed one time, cannot be forwarded or printed, and will immediately self-destruct once read.

How can I tell if my Ccc message has been read?
Confidential CC does not currently offer read receipts on emails sent via Ccc, however our team is hard at work adding this feature to the next update.

How can I hide the sender’s name and subject line in my inbox or email notifications?
We know how important privacy is to you. You can adjust your Confidential Display options by tapping the Settings icon at the bottom of your menu, go into Email Settings, then Display and shift the toggle bar to turn on Confidential Display. Selecting this option will keep the sender’s photo and name private for all Ccc emails in your inbox. To subject line of Ccc emails is always kept private.