Do all messages self-destruct once read?
No, only messages sent in the Ccc field or Ccc Mode will self-destruct. Confidential CC is a revolutionary email platform designed to empower the sender, offering tools to enhance your inbox and give you the option to communicate off-the-record, if you wish. Confidential CC will send, store and receive messages just as you are used to, but gives you the option to communicate off-the-record, if you choose. Learn more about self-destructing messages here (link to “Off the Record Communication section)

What countries is Confidential CC available in?
You can currently download Confidential CC in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Our future build out plans include many additional territories, please stay tuned.

I have been placed on the reservation list, when will I be granted access?
If you have been placed on a reservation list, don’t worry, this is only temporary and due to an overwhelming demand of users. Our team is hard at work to deliver a simple and intuitive email solution for your inbox that will support millions of users worldwide. We hope you understand that we have set our standards high to deliver the best user experience possible. Please be patient as we work diligently to achieve an unparalleled experience for all our users. If you wish to inquire about the status of your reservation, please send an email to including the email address and provider you used to log in.

What devices is Confidential CC compatible with?
Confidential CC is now available for iOS on your iphone + ipad and will be launching for Android and webmail shortly.

Can I connect to Confidential CC from my desktop or laptop computer?
Yes. Our team is currently hard at work building out the webmail platform. You will be able to log into Confidential CC with your existing email address from any desktop or laptop computer very soon.

How do I change my password?
Your password can only be change through your email providers. For example, if you are logged into Confidential CC with a Gmail account, you will need to visit your Gmail account settings on the web in order to update your password.

Why does Confidential CC want access to my contacts?
Confidential CC requests access to your contacts in order to make communicating with them a breeze within the app.

What do I do if Confidential CC says IMAP folders are disabled.
This setting can be adjusted in your email provider settings on the web. If you are using Gmail on the web, go to ‘Settings’ (the gear icon at the upper right), then tap ‘Labels’, then view ‘All Mail’. Make sure that ‘Show in IMAP’ is check in the ‘All Mail’ row. Repeat if needed for ‘Sent’, ‘Spam’, and ‘Trash’. Please note that Gmail and Confidential CC can take a few hours to sync changes to IMAP Settings.

What causes Confidential CC to crash?
Oh no, that shouldn’t have happened! Crashes can occur from time to time as with any app and for multiple reasons. We are doing our best to keep Confidential CC running as smoothly as possible. You can try force quitting the application or restarting your phone. If that does not help, please reach out to us directly at and make sure to let us know what device the app crashed on, what version your operative system is running on, is the crashing behavior reproducible, and if so, what steps cause it.

Why am I seeing a “Connection error” message?
This is most likely related to your network connection. If you have a strong network connection, try restarting Confidential CC. If you have a weak connection, this could be part of the problem. You can try turning your network connect off then back on and restarting the app. If that doesn’t help, it is possible that Confidential CC isn’t getting along with firewalls or proxies. We’re working hard to resolve this issues which is most common in office locations or any other shared network locations.

My new or restored device isn’t receiving email.
You can remove then re-add your email accounts to Confidential CC when syncing the app to your new device. You can do this in your Account Settings within the app.

Can I print from Mailbox?
Yes you can easily print your message(s) and attachments from Confidential CC. Simply select the message(s) or attachment and tap ‘Print’ from your Advanced Quick Actions. The Advanced Quick Actions can be activated by tapping the + icon.

How do I sign out of Confidential CC?
If you wish to sign out of an individual account, you can do so by visiting your Account Settings in the Confidential CC app. Your Account Settings can be located by tapping the gear icon at the bottom right of your Menu screen.

Can I reorder the emails in my inbox?
No this is not a feature currently offered by Confidential CC.

Does Confidential CC offer spellcheck?
We use the same spell check functionality that is native to you device.