How do I connect to Confidential CC?
Connecting through your email accounts is intuitive for anyone who has ever added an email to a device in the past. Simply log in using your existing email address and the app will pull in your correspondence immediately. Confidential CC is now available for iOS and will be launching for Android and webmail shortly. 

How do I connect additional email accounts to the Confidential CC app?
Confidential CC syncs with all major email providers and any IMAP account. Simply click the “+” icon on the main screen, select the type of email address you wish to add, enter your account credentials and the account will be synced.

Is there a limit on how many email accounts I can sync with Confidential CC?
No, there is no limit on the number of email accounts you can add to your Confidential CC account. This is because users will run into cases in which they wish to keep information confidential across all email accounts.

How much does Confidential CC cost?
Confidential CC is a free email solution.