How does Confidential CC keep my emails secure?
Every Ccc email is sent encrypted end-to-end utilizing 3DES method of encryption.

Does Confidential CC upload my contact book into its servers?
Similar to many mobile applications, Confidential CC accesses your contacts only with your permission as a way for you to easily communicate with them via the app.

Does Confidential CC store my IP address or UDID?
No. This information is not stored.

Where are my messages stored and how secure are those servers?
Confidential CC encryption assigns multiple, unique private keys to each message sent and only the CCC platform has the key to “unlock” the content. Once the content has been unlocked (the email has been read) it self-destructs and is erased from the Confidential CC server, and all client devices, immediately. No data is ever kept or logged on Confidential CC’s servers, plus, no content is ever saved in your cache, so there is never a record of your Ccc emails.

Who owns the messages and media communicated via Confidential CC?
Confidential CC owns all the messages and media communicated via the app. Remember, we believe in your right to privacy and we would never share your information or content communicated through the system.

Does Confidential CC ever read the messages and media communicated through its system?      

Does Confidential CC use the messages and media communicated for promotional-related purposes?
Never. Your Ccc email content is never stored or shared and your non-Ccc emails are never shared.

Where are my attachments stored and how secure is that location?
Attachments sent via the Ccc field / Mode are never stored on our servers, they are subject to the same self-destruction as the emails they are attached to. Any other attachments sent via non-Ccc email are stored on our servers but are never accessed or shared.

How does Confidential CC cooperate with law enforcement and/or the government if asked? Will I be notified if my information was requested?
Since no information is stored, it is impossible to pull information requested by law enforcement. However, we will comply with local or foreign law enforcement agencies requests but only when done through appropriate legal process such as a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal requests.

Is there an FBI “back door” into Confidential CC?
No, there is no back door for the FBI but as mentioned above, Confidential CC will comply with any requests accompanied with proper legal documentation from the FBI.